YOO One Disclaimer

“Yoo One” project is registered with Maharashtra-RERA vide Reg. No. P52100045735, being developed and marketed by DASSCON Realty Pvt Ltd ( “Developer”). All renderings, maps, site plans, photos, simulated views, floor plans, tower view, graphic images, drawings (other than actual images) and all other information depicted herein are illustrative and an artist’s depiction only. The project, units, design or number of towers depicted herein are subject to change as maybe decided by the company or directed by any competent authority in the best interest of the development.

All details related to the Project is available at Maharashtra RERA viz www.maharerait.mahaonline.gov.in.The prospective purchaser is advised to visit the website of Maharashtra RERA to peruse the details of the Project. This is not an offer for sale.

“Lush View Infratech LLP or Tribeca are not owner, developer or promoter of this Project, and Lush View Infratech LLP is only assisting the Developer in execution of the Project. Lush View Infratech LLP has permitted the Developer to use the “Tribeca” brand name and mark for the Project on the agreed terms.”