An Architectural Marvel

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The Ark - Voyage To The Stars is an extraordinary residential development that redefines luxury living in Pune. Rising more than 200 feet above the ground, it boasts of 5 majestic towers and a shimmering zinc & glass facade that exudes sophistication and style. Designed with an eye towards innovation and contemporary living, The Ark offers the discerning homeowner an unparalleled living experience that is as elevated as it is inspiring.

A Timeless Facade

the ark the ark

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Experience a timeless masterpiece at The Ark, where our iconic zinc & glass facade offers not only exquisite luxury but also superior fire resistance, durability, and weather protection. Say goodbye to the arduous upkeep of traditional plaster paints, and hello to a maintenance-free lifestyle that embodies the pinnacle of luxury living.



All Weather Proof

Low Maintenance

Eco Friendly

The Best in Product Quality and Design

  • Overview

The Best in Product Quality and Design

  • Internationally sourced, long-lasting fixtures and fittings

  • Dry-wall technology for customisable and unique homes

  • External service areas for easy maintenance

  • Suspended plumbing system for easy maintenance

  • Pipe-in-pipe system for leak proof plumbing

A Strong Foundation

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  • Bespoke facade designed for The Ark

  • Rigorously tested in Singapore for wind & water resistance

  • Zinc panels from VMZINC, Germany

  • Glass panels from Saint Gobain, France

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Dry walls

  • Light-weight for easy customisation

  • South resistant (upto 45 decibels), at much as a brick wall

  • Fire Resistant (FR) gypsum boards used for safety

  • Moisture Resistant (MR) used in balcony to prevent water damage

  • Fibre Cement Board (FCB) used in kitchen and bathroom

  • Imported from Australia

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  • Suspended plumbing for easy maintenance from service area

  • Pipe-in-pipe system for leak-proof bathrooms

  • Imported from Giacomini, Italy

  • Rust & corrosion free drainage

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