Tribeca Highstreet


What is the floor height of each floor?

The standard floor height of lower ground and ground floor is 4.2m and 4.5m respectively for commercial spaces. The height of the Plaza floor varies between 4.6m-4.9m for commercial spaces, and other shops and is 3.9 for residential, and the Office floor is 4.6m long for commercial space.

What other services are provided?

The facility of unloading docks is provided in the service corridor with standard emergency exits.

Is there any direct access from the main road?

Yes, there is direct connectivity for the lower ground and ground floor.

What is the Internal wall type?

The internal wall type is 150/200.

How is the parking space divided?

The parking space available for 4 wheelers is 309 and for 2 wheeler, it is 625.

How many parking entries are available?

There are 2 entries.

What is the Beam thickness of each floor?

The thickness of all the floors including the Lower Ground Floor, Ground floor, Plaza and Office is 450mm each.

What is the Wall thickness?

The wall thickness is 150/200/230.

What are the cancellation charges post registration?

The post registration charges are as per the RERA guidelines.

What is the possession timeline?

The possession timeline is latest by March 2023.

What is the Current Amount Due?

The Current Amount Due is 80%.

Are there any litigations on the project currently?

No, there are no litigations on the project currently.

What are the provisions for EV Charging?

EV charging will be available for 25% of the parking space.

How much car parking is available per Unit?

Only common parking spaces are available.

What is the frontage of the project?

The frontage of the project is a total of 971 feet.

What is the total land parcel offered?

The total land parcel offered is 12 acres, including 9 acres of residential and 3 acres of commercial area.

What are the brands offered on the premises?

We are offering Croma and Westside on the Ground Floor, while at the Plaza, we are offering Starbucks and McDonalds.

What are the Standard Units equipped with?

The standard units are fitted with a 3 Phase MSEB connection, 100% DG backup, Fire sprinklers, HVAC (High side), Glass fa├žade, and tiling ready floor.

What are the USPs of the project?

Detailed USPs are mentioned in the brochure.

How many Parking Entry or Exit gates are there?

There are 2 Parking Entry or Exit gates.

Which Property Management Company is looking after the property?

JLL or equivalent.

Is there a possibility of any Investor Clause?

No, there is no possibility of any Investor Clause.

Is there a room for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning on the floors?

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)
Yes, each floor has high side air conditioning with a chilled water supply.

Who is the Funding partner?

Tata Capital is the Funding partner.

What is the nearest road connectivity?

NIBM Road, which is 24 meters wide.

What are the dimensions of the parking bay?

The dimensions of the parking bay are 2.5 meters x 5 meters.

What is the width of the skywalk?

The width of the skywalk is 50 feet approximately.

What is the length of the skywalk?

The length of the skywalk is approximately 850 feet.

Are there any provisions for washroom?

Yes, only anchors.

Are there any ready units available for F&B?

Yes, a few selected units are equipped with water & drainage provision.

What type of glass glazing is done?

Glass is toughened by single glazing using a single pane of glass.

Are there Motorized Shutters available?

No there aren't any Motorized Shutters available.

Are there any Stretcher elevators?

Yes, there are 2 elevators including a service lift.

What are the number of elevators on the premises?

There are 4 elevators on the premises.

Are there any Stretcher elevators?

Yes, there are 2 elevators including a service.

Is there an MSEB Connection?

Yes, there is a 3 phase MSEB connection.

Is there a generator Backup?

Yes, a 100% diesel generator backup is available.

What is the nearest road connectivity?

NIBM Road, which is 24 meters wide.

What is the loading percentage?

50% loading across.

Can commercial clients use residential amenities?

No, commercial clients cannot use residential amenities.

Is the premises WiFi enabled?

Yes, each floor is enabled with strong connectivity.