Together, Trump and Tribeca bridge the best of global practices and conveniences with a sensitivity to the local market nuances.

Trump Jr

Donald Trump Jr.

Executive Vice President, The Trump Organization

“India, among other emerging markets, is the biggest push for our organization.”

As the 4th largest economy in the world, India is home to the largest Trump portfolio outside of North America. The Indian populace's purchasing power is growing in leaps and bounds and the number of high net-worth individuals is increasing at a rapid rate. There is high demand for super luxury products regardless of the industry, and real estate is at the core of it.

While luxury products are aplenty in the real estate market in India, the demand for something distinct and unmatched is yet an untapped market. This is why the Trump brand is so relevant for India now.

We are extremely excited to work with Tribeca for our on-going ventures in India. With Tribeca's local market know-how and our global exposure, we intend to give India a share of super luxury products that will fetch it a highly enviable position on the world map.

Kalpesh Mehta

Kalpesh Mehta

Founder, Tribeca

“The next big leap for the Indian real estate market is branded super-luxury properties, and who better to set the momentum than Trump.”

There is no doubt that the demand for luxury properties in India is growing. While the demand is on the rise there are very few players who can actually deliver the required level of quality and experience. The ones who have realized this are starting to build tie-ups with global developers and even renowned brands outside of real estate for distinction and appeal.

Our alignment with the Trump Organization will give us an unmatched edge in creating quality real estate products for this niche market. Trump being a highly visible and renowned developer is also a standalone luxury brand. Everything that bears the Trump name commands a premium. So what this alignment actually brings to the table besides world class expertise and quality is tremendous brand value and global media attention.

Tribeca + Trump

The undisputed leader in super
luxury real estate

Trump is the world's only global luxury real estate super-brand, and is responsible for many of the world's most recognized landmarks. Trump is renowned for its leadership in real estate development, sales and marketing, and property management representing the highest level of excellence and luxury in residential, hotels, mixed use and golf course properties. Superior Quality, Detail and Perfection are the standards that the Trump brand demands throughout its projects - from residential to resort, from hotel to golf, from commercial office to retail. The experience of owning a Trump property and living the Trump lifestyle is unparalleled. One can see the touch of the Trump brand in every aspect of the properties that bear its name - from the design driven, cutting edge facades created in collaboration with the world's best architects, to the flawless interiors designed specifically for each market to the world-class service - no detail is overlooked. With each of its properties, Trump continues to raise the bar of super luxury living consistently.

Trump Towers

Tribeca + Trump: The best of both worlds

Tribeca believes bringing the best to India takes tying up with the best in the world. That includes the Trump Brand – one of the most recognized real estate empires across the globe.

Tribeca has worked with the Trump Brand for the last 7 years and has been instrumental in creating the largest portfolio of Trump properties outside of North America. Collaborating closely with the Trump team in New York and local Indian developers, Tribeca has identified the most ideal sites for Trump-branded projects in India. They are involved in every aspect of the development – from construction and design to sales and marketing – to ensure its conceptualization and execution is up to par with the high global standards of Trump.

Together, Trump and Tribeca bridge the best of global practices and conveniences with a sensitivity to the local market nuances.


" The most valuable piece of the Trump Empire is by far his real estate brand. "